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Table 3 Gene name, origin, accession numbers, and functional annotation of spruce TPS

From: Transcriptome mining, functional characterization, and phylogeny of a large terpene synthase gene family in spruce (Piceaspp.)

Gene Clone ID (genotype) Functional Annotation* NCBI Accession
Pg×eTPS-Car1 WS0063_F08 (Fa1-1028) (+)-3-Carene synthase HQ426152
PsTPS-Car1 WS02910_I02 (FB3-425) (+)-3-Carene synthase HQ426167
PgTPS-Cin WS02628_N22 (PG29) 1,8-Cineole synthase HQ426160
PgxeTPS-Cin WS00921_D15 (Fa1-1028) 1,8-Cineole synthase HQ426156
PsTPS-Cin WS0291_H24 (FB3-425) 1,8-Cineole synthase HQ426165
PgTPS-Lin WS0054_P01 (PG29) (-)-Linalool synthase HQ426151
PsTPS-Lin-1 WS0285_L07 (FB3-425) (-)-Linalool synthase HQ426164
PsTPS-Lin-2 WS02915_K02 (FB3-425) (-)-Linalool synthase HQ426168
PsTPS-Phel-1 WS02729_A23 (FB3-425) (-)-β-Phellandrene synthase HQ426162
PsTPS-Phel-2 WS0296_I22 (FB3-425) (-)-β-Phellandrene synthase HQ426169
PsTPS-Phel-3 WS0276_M12 (FB3-425) (-)-β-Phellandrene synthase HQ426163
PsTPS-Phel-4 WS01042_E12 (Gb2-229) (-)-β-Phellandrene synthase HQ426159
PgTPS-Pin-1 WS00725_G07c1 (PG29) (-)-α/β-Pinene synthase HQ426153
PgTPS-Pin-2 WS00725_G07c2 (PG29) (-)-α/β-Pinene synthase HQ426154
PsTPS-Pin WS0291_K15 (FB3-425) (-)-α/β-Pinene synthase HQ426166
Pg×eTPS-Far/Oci WS00926_E08 (Fa1-1028) (E,E)-α-Farnesene/(E)-β-ocimene synthase HQ426157
PgTPS-Hum WS0074_O16 (PG29) α-Humulene synthase HQ426155
Pg×eTPS-Lonf WS00927_M20 (Fa1-1028) Longifolene synthase HQ426158
PsTPS-Lonp WS02712_A08 (FB3-425) α-Longipinene synthase HQ426161
PsTPS-Iso pSW06061903 (Haney 898) Isopimaradiene synthase HQ426150
PsTPS-LAS WS0299_C21 (FB3-425) Levopimaradiene/abieta-diene synthase HQ426170
  1. *Functional annotation is based on the main terpenoid product(s) of recombinant enzymes expressed in E. coli. Most TPSs produced multiple products, as shown in Table 2.