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Table 1 In silico identification of TPSs in the EST databases of Sitka spruce, white spruce, and hybrid white spruce

From: Transcriptome mining, functional characterization, and phylogeny of a large terpene synthase gene family in spruce (Piceaspp.)

Spruce Species Total ESTs Total Singlets Plus Contigs TPS ESTs* TPS Singlets TPS Contigs Total TPSs
White 242,931 59,449 181 36 33 69
Sitka 174,384 37,533 282 25 30 55
Hybrid White 26,350 13,279 43 10 10 20
  1. *Conifer TPS protein sequences available from NCBI were used to query the three species-specific EST databases using the tBLASTn module of WU-BLAST 2.0 and an E-value cut off of 1 × 10-5. The resulting outputs were filtered to exclude duplicates, and then assembled separately by species using CAP3 [49]. The total TPSs represents an estimated minimum number of unique TPSs found in each species.