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Table 3 Integration analysis of chromosomal locations of genes and fiber quality QTL reported in other studies

From: Structure, expression differentiation and evolution of duplicated fiber developmental genes in Gossypium barbadense and G. hirsutum

Gene Subgenome Chromosomal location QTL associated with specific chromosomea
14-3-3L At A5 FEh;FLd, i, j;FFd, g, i, j;FSd
  Dt D5 FFi;FUi;FLj;FEg
CAP At A13 -
  Dt D13 FLb, g; FSg
CEL At - -
  Dt D6 FLd, h, j; FFh, i, j, k;FEk;FSd
CIPK1 At - -
  Dt D7 FSf
BG At A13 -
  Dt D13 -
POD2 At A3 FEb, j; FFb; FSb, h; FLh
  Dt D2 FEj
RacA At A12 FLl, e, j;FUl; FFg
  Dt D12 FSe;FLd
RacB At A5 -
  Dt D5 FFi;FUi;FLj;FEg
Pel At A3 FE b,j; FFb,d; FSb,h;FLh,d; FEj
  Dt - -
ManA2 At A13 -
  Dt D13 FLb,g,h; FEh; FSd,g;FFd;FUd
CelA3 At A8 FSh;FEh
  Dt D8 FFg,j;FSj;FEj
Sus1 At A5 FEh;FLd,i,j;FFd,g,i,j;FSd
  Dt - -
LTP3 At A10 FLb,d; FF d,l;FEd;FUd
  Dt - -
ACT1 At - -
  Dt D11 FEk; FSk; FUk
  1. a FE Elongation; FF fineness; FL length; FS strength; FU uniformity
  2. b Frelichowski et al. (2006), c He et al. (2007), dLacape et al. (2005), e Lin et al. (2005), f Luan et al. (2009), g Qin et al. (2008), h Shen et al. (2005), i Shen et al. (2006), j Shen et al. (2007), k Wang et al. (2006), l Zhang et al. (2009) [2434].