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Table 1 Main features of the B73 × Gaspé Flint introgression library

From: Genetic dissection of maize phenology using an intraspecific introgression library

IL lines characteristics   % of maize genome a
IL lines (No.) 75  
Mean length of introgression in frame (cM) 38.5 2.1
Range of introgression length 'in frame' (cM)b 4.5 - 104.0 0.3 - 5.8
IL lines with completely homozygous introgression (No.) 68  
IL lines with partially homozygous introgression (No.) 6  
IL lines with completely heterozygous introgression (No.) 1  
IL lines with verified additional introgressions (No.) 9  
Mean length of verified additional introgressions (cM) 34.7  
Mean length of total introgression per line (cM) 43.1 2.4
  1. a Based on the 'Genetic 2008' maize reference map length of 1,805 cM
  2. b ' In frame' introgressions include one introgression fragment per line only. Additionally, redundant introgressions are excluded.