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Table 4 Commonly over-represented GO biological processes in chickpea salt stressed roots and non-treated nodules

From: The salt-responsive transcriptome of chickpea roots and nodules via deepSuperSAGE

GO Biological process GO Term ID P value (NaCl Roots) P value (ctr nodules)
Protein transport GO:0015031 8,76E-12 0,0235
Protein localization GO:0008104 9,98E-12 0,0293
Alcohol metabolic process GO:0006066 2,04E-11 0,0391
Nucleoside and nucleotide metabolic process GO:0055086 6,13E-11 0,0424
Cation transport GO:0006812 2,15E-11 0,0427
Lipid metabolic process GO:0006629 1,07E-10 0,0469
Heterocycle metabolic process GO:0046483 2,38E-11 0,0587
Nucleotide metabolic process GO:0009117 4,29E-11 0,0621
Cellular localization GO:0051641 8,58E-12 0,0646
Cellular lipid metabolic process GO:0044255 1,05E-11 0,0668
Small molecule catabolic process GO:0044282 1,19E-11 0,0698
Establishment of localization in cell GO:0051649 8,41E-12 0,0710
Intracellular transport GO:0046907 1,13E-11 0,0712
Cellular component biogenesis GO:0044085 8,58E-11 0,0715
Nucleotide and nucleic acid biosynthetic process GO:0034654 1,79E-11 0,0726
Cellular protein localization GO:0034613 1,26E-11 0,0736
Cofactor metabolic process GO:0051186 7,15E-11 0,0739
Carbohydrate catabolic process GO:0016052 1,23E-11 0,0740
Signaling pathway GO:0023033 1,95E-11 0,0751
Glucose metabolic process GO:0006006 1,16E-11 0,0755
Intracellular protein transport GO:0006886 1,65E-11 0,0758
Nucleotide biosynthetic process GO:0009165 1,38E-11 0,0766
Macromolecule catabolic process GO:0009057 1,87E-11 0,0766
Carboxylic acid biosynthetic process GO:0046394 1,72E-11 0,0774
RNA metabolic process GO:0016070 1,48E-11 0,0829
Monosaccharide metabolic process GO:0005996 2,26E-11 0,0831
Cellular component organization at cellular level GO:0071842 8,94E-12 0,0842
Cell wall organization or biogenesis GO:0071554 9,53E-12 0,0842
Lipid biosynthetic process GO:0008610 3,58E-11 0,0859
Signal transmission GO:0023060 3,06E-11 0,0860
Organelle organization GO:0006996 1,59E-11 0,0958
Macromolecular complex subunit organization GO:0043933 1,07E-11 0,0972
Cellular component assembly GO:0022607 1,34E-11 0,0986
ROS-scavengers Custom 0,0088 0,0131