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Table 2 Top 40 up-regulated annotatable UniTags in salt stressed nodules

From: The salt-responsive transcriptome of chickpea roots and nodules via deepSuperSAGE

Tag ID Protein Fold induction Uniprot ID
STCa-18884 Early Nodulin 61,44 NO40_SESRO
STCa-11090 40S ribosomal protein SA 15,36 RSSA_CICAR
STCa-5362 18.2 kDa class I heat shock protein 13,65 HSP12_MEDSA
STCa-22299 Predicted protein 13,65 A9TXV0_PHYPA
STCa-17434 Chitinase-related agglutinin (Fragment) 13,65 A1YZD2_ROBPS
STCa-2116 Syringolide-induced protein B13-1-9 13,65 Q8S8Z8_SOYBN
STCa-9450 ATPase 9 13,65 PMA9_ARATH
STCa-13463 Formin I2I isoform 13,65 Q8H1H2_SOLLC
STCa-24417 Lipoxygenase 12,79 B7Z177_PEA
STCa-5357 Phosphatidylinositol transfer-like protein III 11,94 Q94FN1_LOTJA
STCa-89 Cold-induced protein 11,94 Q6PNN7_9FABA
STCa-15605 BRI1-KD interacting protein 109 11,94 Q762A5_ORYSJ
STCa-8350 Isopentenyl pyrophosphate isomerase 11,94 Q6EJD1_PUELO
STCa-5037 Phytochrome A 11,94 PHYA_PEA
STCa-175 Transcription elongation factor 1 homolog 10,24 ELOF1_ARATH
STCa-7855 Abnormal suspensor SUS2 10,24 UPI000016331D
STCa-705 MAP kinase protein 10,24 Q9SMJ7_CICAR
STCa-2196 SRC2 10,24 O04133_SOYBN
STCa-6099 Pyruvate kinase 10,24 Q5F2M7_SOYBN
STCa-305 FAM10 family protein 10,24 F10AL_ARATH
STCa-10862 Os04g0591100 protein 10,24 Q0JAL2_ORYSJ
STCa-933 Major histocompatibility class I receptor 10,24 Q95I97_9PERO
STCa-13055 Non-specific lipid-transfer protein precursor 10,24 NLTP_CICAR
STCa-6059 Protein RIK 10,24 RIK_ARATH
STCa-15235 L3 Ribosomal protein 10,24 Q9SBR8_MEDVA
STCa-20520 Elongation factor 1-alpha 10,24 Q3LUM5_GOSHI
STCa-11119 Fiber annexin 10,24 O82090_GOSHI
STCa-1896 Protein kinase-like protein 9,38 Q56YK2_ARATH
STCa-19301 F-box/kelch-repeat protein 8,53 FBK22_ARATH
STCa-5894 General substrate transporter 8,53 A2Q5Z1_MEDTR
STCa-5877 Alternative oxidase 8,53 Q84KA1_CROSA
STCa-1885 Mob1-like protein 8,53 Q2WBN3_MEDFA
STCa-170 Mob1-like protein 8,53 Q2WBN3_MEDFA
STCa-16125 Cytochrome c oxidase subunit 6b 8,53 Q8LD51_ARATH
STCa-8434 Fiber protein Fb2 8,53 Q8GT87_GOSBA
STCa-18178 Histone H2A.2 8,53 H2A2_MEDTR
STCa-2067 NAC family transcription factor 4 8,53 C7AFG1_CICAR
STCa-9977 T1K7.26 protein 8,53 Q9FZC2_ARATH
STCa-4833 WRKY27 8,53 Q2PJR9_SOYBN
STCa-11765 Putative uncharacterized protein 8,53 A2Q3F3_MEDTR