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Table 2 Relationship between motifs and qPCR.

From: Differential expression of cysteine desulfurases in soybean

Cis-element and organisma Function Gene Correlation
5UTR Py-rich stretch Lycopersicon esculentum cis-acting element conferring high transcription levels NFS1_Chr11, NFS2_Chr15 NFS2_Chr15 is highly expressed in leaves and roots. NFS1_Chr11 is highly expressed in leaves.
ARE Zea mays cis-acting regulatory element essential for the anaerobic induction NFS1_Chr01 It is highly expressed in roots, where the O2 availability is low.
MBS Arabidopsis thaliana MYB binding site involved in drought-inducibility All Drought stress effects are related to cold stress effects. All genes respond to cold.
TC-rich repeats Nicotiana tabacum cis-acting element involved in defense and stress responsiveness All All genes respond to cold.
Brassica oleracea
cis-acting element involved in salicylic acid responsiveness NFS1 genes Sum analysis showed that transcript level of NFS1 genes vary in SA treatment.
as-2-box Nicotiana tabacum involved in shoot-specific expression and light responsiveness NFS1_Chr11, NFS2_Chr15 Both genes are highly expressed in leaves.
  1. Putative transcription factor binding sites within the NFS1 and NFS2 promoters that showed correlation to our qPCR data.
  2. a Organism where the cis-element was described, according to PlantCARE.