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Table 7 VvSAMT gene expression (P < 0.05, ≥1.75-fold) in Chardonnay grapevine berries all along the investigated ripening periods of the 2005 and 2006 growing seasons.

From: Transcriptional analysis of late ripening stages of grapevine berry

Putative function Grape Microarray Accession Number (Vv_#) Grape Nucleotide Accession Number (mRNA) Grape Gene Accession Number (GSVIVT#) Most Homologous ArabidopsisSequence WBB average ratio (TH vs TH-7) p-value WBB average ratio (TH+10 vs TH) p-value DSB average ratio
(TH vs TH-7)
p-value DSB average ratio
(TH+10 vs TH)
S-adenosyl-L-methionine:salicylic acid carboxyl methyltransferase (VvSAMT) Vv_10000965 XM_002262640 GSVIVT00024874001 At3g21950 NS NS -0.899 0.00325 -0.932 0.00223 NS NS
  1. Ratio values are presented as log2. DSB, densimetrically sorted berries; NS, non significant values; TH-7, 7-days before theoretical harvest; TH, theoretical harvest; TH+10, 10-days after harvest; WBB, whole bunch berries.