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Table 1 Number of publications, maps and QTLs collected to perform meta-analysis

From: Construction of a potato consensus map and QTL meta-analysis offer new insights into the genetic architecture of late blight resistance and plant maturity traits

  No. of publications No. of maps No. of QTLs
Available published data 19 (7) 29 (8) 211 (64)
Data included in meta-analysis †† 14 (4) 21 (5) + 8 ††† 144 (42)
  1. First number: for late blight resistance traits; second number within brackets: for maturity traits.
  2. † Table 2 lists all the concerned publications.
  3. †† Only QTL maps that had a minimum of two common markers with at least a chromosome of another map were included into the meta-analysis.
  4. ††† 8 reference potato maps without QTLs (listed in Table 3) were added to meta-analysis to increase connections between maps through common markers and to improve consensus map accuracy.