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Figure 10

From: Genetic variation of γ-tocopherol methyltransferase gene contributes to elevated α-tocopherol content in soybean seeds

Figure 10

Gene expression analysis of γ-TMT1 (A), γ-TMT2 (B), and γ-TMT3 (C) during seed development. Quantitative RT-PCR was performed on total RNA from 30 DAF, 40 DAF, and 50 DAF developing seeds by using the gene-specific primers listed in Table 4. Yellow bars represent HIF-derived homozygous Ichihime lines (F5-24-10, F5-24-14, and F5-24-15) and blue bars represent HIF-derived homozygous KAS lines (F5-24-7, F5-24-18, and F5-24-22). For 30 DAF, and 40 DAF seeds, analysis was performed with all six lines, whereas for 50 DAF seeds, analysis was conducted with five of the six lines (F5-24-14, F5-24-15, F5-24-7, F5-24-18, and F5-24-22). Transcript levels were normalized with the values obtained for the internal control 18S-ribosomal RNA. Values represent the mean of three replicates ± SD. Asterisks show significant differences between the Ichihime genotype group and the KAS genotype group (confidence interval 95%).

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