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Figure 6

From: Identification and characterization of the Non-race specific Disease Resistance 1 (NDR1) orthologous protein in coffee

Figure 6

The CaNDR1a protein is localized at the plasma membrane. (a) Scheme of the construct used for determining the subcellular localization of CaNDR1a protein. (b) Confocal-laser microscopy pictures illustrating the plasma membrane localization of CaNDR1a: (i) GFP6-CaNDR1a; (ii) mCherry-labeled protein targeted to the plasma membrane; (iii) GFP6-CaNDR1a, a close-up of the internal labeling observed in a few cells; (iv), (v) and (vi), colocalization experiments where both the GFP6-CaNDR1a and mCherry-labeled plasma membrane marker were simultaneously expressed in the same cells. Independent experiments were conducted five times.

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