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Figure 1

From: Identification and characterization of the Non-race specific Disease Resistance 1 (NDR1) orthologous protein in coffee

Figure 1

The two coffee candidates for NDR1 protein belong to the NHL family. Putative Arabidopsis orthologs of CaNDR1a/b proteins were identified by means of the BLAST algorithm using as queries the two deduced coffee amino-acid sequences. The retrieved sequences were aligned using version 2.0.10 of the Clustal X program [59] and the resulting alignment was then processed online at the BoxShade server ( The conserved region containing the three NHL motifs is presented. The position of the motifs is indicated with red lines and numbers. An asterik shows the position of the substituted amino-acid residue between the two coffee proteins (F69L). The full length sequence alignment can be found in Additional file 1. Accession numbers of the genes coding for the Arabidopsis proteins are as follows: NDR1 [AGI:At3g20600]; NHL1 [AGI:At3g11660]; NHL2 [AGI:At3g11650]; NHL5 [AGI:At1g61760]; NHL6, [AGI:At1g65690]; NHL11 [AGI:At2g35970]; NHL12 [AGI:At2g35960; NHL16 [AGI:At3g20610]; NHL18 [AGI:At3g52470]; NHL21 [AGI:At4g05220]; NHL22 [AGI:At4g09590]; NHL23 [AGI:At5g06330]; NHL26 [AGI:At5g53730]; NHL38 [AGI:At3g20590]; unknown, [AGI:At5g05657]. The accession number of the Nicotiana tabacum Hin1 coding sequence is GenBank: AB091429.1.

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