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Table 3 Repeated SSR loci among published SSR markers in sweetpotato

From: Characterization and development of EST-derived SSR markers in cultivated sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas)

SSR ID of Wang et al. SSR ID of Hu et al.
and Schafleitner et al.
SSR sequence ID in this study Similarity (%) Annotation
PP45/46 BU691547 IBGI_19821singleton 100 hypothetical protein
PP65/66 IBS25 IBGI_1430Contig2 100 At2g03070 [Arabidopsis thaliana]
PP85/86 IBS153 IBGI_11291Contig1 100 no hit
PP115/116 IBS80 IBGI_21250Contig1 100 Transcription factor Myb n = 1
PP119/120 IBS94 IBGI_19573Contig1 100 no hit
PP151/152 IBS204 IBGI_2434Contig3 100 no hit
PP165/166 IBS88 IBGI_12324Contig1 100 no hit