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Figure 3

From: Characterization and development of EST-derived SSR markers in cultivated sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas)

Figure 3

Examples of PCR products amplified by SSR primer pairs. (a) PCR products amplified by 24 primer pairs (GDAAS 205-228 listed on the top of the gel image) in E Shu 3 Hao (gel lanes 1 labeled in each SSR primer pair panel below the bottom of the gel image) and Guang 2K-30 (lanes 2). (b) PCR products in eight sweetpotato cultivars amplified by six effective SSR primer pairs selected from figure 3a. Within each primer pair image panel, the order of DNA samples from left to right is NANCY HALL (lanes 1), Sheng Li Bai Hao (lanes 2), AB940078-1 (lanes 3), Nortnnigo (lanes 4), Tai Nong 57 (lanes 5), Hua Bei 553 (lanes 6), Yu Bei Bai (lanes 7), and Bao Ting Zhong (lanes 8). Standard size markers are given on left side.

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