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Table 3 Stomatal conductance, photosynthetic rate and relative water content (RWC) of the last fully expanded leaf from water deficit stressed and control plants.

From: Identification of drought-response genes and a study of their expression during sucrose accumulation and water deficit in sugarcane culms

  Time 0 15 days
  Control Water deficit Control Water deficit
Stomatal conductance (mmol H2O m-2s-1) 240a 220a 310a 20b
Photosynthesis (μmol CO2m-2s-1) 29.91a 28.44a 29.37a 0.14b
RWC (%) 98.93a 95.86a 98.07a 43.17b
  1. aWithin each row, numbers with different letters are significantly different (LSD test, one-way analysis of variance, P ≤ 0.05).