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Table 1 Protein sequences used for alignments and phylogenetic tree construction.

From: Epigenetic chromatin modifiers in barley: IV. The study of barley Polycomb group (PcG) genes during seed development and in response to external ABA

Organism name Gene name Accession number
Arabidopsis thaliana AtFIE AF129516
Catalpa speciosa EgrFIE AY150282
Eucalyptus grandis CspFIE AY150283
Hordeum vulgare HvFIE TC134355
Oryza sativa nipponbare OsnFIE2 BAD03073
Oryza sativa japonicum OsjFIE BAD03075
Sorghum bicolor SbiFIE1 AAS82595
Sorghum bicolor SbiFIE2 AAS82596
Zea mays ZmFIE1 AY061964
Zea mays ZmFIE2 AY061965
Arabidopsis thaliana AtSWN NP_567221
Arabidopsis thaliana AtCLF1 AAC23781
Arabidopsis thaliana AtMEA AAC39446
Hordeum vulgare HvEZ AK251149
Oryza sativa indica OsiEZ1 BAD69169
Oryza sativa japonicum OsjEZ CAD18871
Petunia hybrida PhCLF1 BAC84950
Petunia hybrida PhCLF2 BAC84951
Petunia hybrida PhCLF3 BAC84952
Triticum monococcum TmEZ ABI94364
Zea mays MEZ1 AF443596
Zea mays MEZ2 AF443597
Zea mays MEZ3 AF443598
Arabidopsis thaliana AtEMF2 BAB58956
Arabidopsis thaliana AtIEMF2-isoform Q8L6Y4-2
Arabidopsis thaliana AtFIS2, ABB84250
Arabidopsis thaliana AtFIS2b AAD09104
Arabidopsis thaliana AtVRN2 AAL32135
Dendrocalamus latiflorus DendrEMF2 ABB77210
Hordeum vulgare HvSu(z)12a (HvEMF2a) BAD99130
Hordeum vulgare HvSu(z)12b (HvEMF2b BAD99131
Hordeum vulgare HvSu(z)12c (HvEMF2c) BAD99132
Oryza sativa OsEMF AAQ84239
Oryza sativa japonica OsVEF AP005912
Oryza sativa OsEMF-like Q7XSN0
Triticum aestivum TmEMF AY887064
Yucca filamentosa YfEMF2 ABD85300
Zea mays ZmEMF2-like (VEF101) AAO84022
Zea mays ZmEMF-like ABC69154
Drosophila melanogaster DmSu_z_12 AAF73149
Mus musculus MmSu(z)12 BAC65495
Homo sapiens HsSu(z)12 BAA09931