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Table 1 List of cis-elements identified in 908 bp ShCYC-B promoter sequence

From: Isolation and functional characterization of Lycopene β-cyclase (CYC-B) promoter from Solanum habrochaites

Name of Cis-element Sequence Position from ATG Description
RAP2.2 ATCTA -817 RAP2.2 cis-element is conserved in promoters of genes involved in carotenoid and tocopherol biosynthesis, and certain photosynthesis- related genes in Arabidopsis. It confers strong basal activity to promoter
rbcS consensus sequence AATCCAA or AATCCAAC -759 Influences the level of gene expression and involved in light regulated gene expression
GT1 consensus GAAAAA -224,-230, -294, -304, -386, -413, -557, -723, -809 Consensus binding site in many light-regulated genes, GT-1 can stabilize the TFIIA-TBP- TATA box complex
GT1 GM SCAM4 GAAAAA -304, -723 GT-1 motif found in the promoter of soybean, Interacts with a GT-1-like transcription factor
CArGAT consensus CCWWWWWWGG -643 Cis-element found in the promoter of AtSOC1, a MADS-box flowering-time gene. Flowering Locus C (FLC) protein binds to GArG box in SOC1 promoter and represses the expression of SOC1.
ROOT MOTIF TAPOX1 ATATT -104,-409,-728 Motif found in promoters of rolD and root-specific genes
ERE AWTTCAAA -332 Ethylene responsive element found in tomato E4 promoter and other senescence associated gene promoters. It is required for ethylene-mediated expression.
L-box AAATTAACCAAC -323 Part of a light-responsive element
CIACADIANLELHC CAANNNNATC -115, -273 Region necessary for circadian expression of tomato Lhc gene
INRNTPSADB YTCANTYY -64, -168, -403 Inr (initiator) elements found in tobacco psaDb promoter without TATA boxes, element responsible for light responsive transcription