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Figure 8 | BMC Plant Biology

Figure 8

From: Isolation and functional characterization of Lycopene β-cyclase (CYC-B) promoter from Solanum habrochaites

Figure 8

Northern-blot analysis of GUS reporter expression in transgenic tomato plants transformed with full-length ShCYC-B promoter and its deletion fragment constructs. (A) Expression of GUS gene driven by full-length ShCYC-B promoter and its deletion fragments D2-578::GUS and D3-436::GUS, respectively, (B) expression of EF1 α and (C) total RNA loaded per lane in the gel for northern blotting. Total RNA was isolated from the leaf, flower, and fruit tissue at green, breaker, orange and red ripe stage, from single copy transgenic events of each construct. RNA (20-30 μg) was electrophoresed on a 1.2% (w/v) formaldehyde agarose gel, transferred onto nylon membranes, and probed with 32P-dCTP-labeled GUS gene fragment. The same blot was reprobed with EF1α and was used as RNA loading control. The results shown are from tissues of one representative line harboring single copy of transgene for each ShCYC-B promoter construct.

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