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Figure 5

From: Isolation and functional characterization of Lycopene β-cyclase (CYC-B) promoter from Solanum habrochaites

Figure 5

Histochemical analysis of ShCYC-B full-length and its deletion fragments in transgenic tomato. (A) Roots, (B) Leaves, and (C) Flowers. (D) Longitudinal section of flowers showing GUS staining mainly in stamens. pBI121 having GUS gene driven by CaMV35S promoter was used as a positive control. Wild type leaf served as negative control; D0-908, D2-578, and D3-436 represent transgenic plants carrying ShCYC-B full-length promoter D0-908::GUS and its deletion fragments D2-578::GUS and D3-436::GUS respectively.

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