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Figure 2

From: Isolation and functional characterization of Lycopene β-cyclase (CYC-B) promoter from Solanum habrochaites

Figure 2

Sequence comparison and putative cis --elements identified in the CYC-B promoter from S. habrochaites and S. lycopersicum. The cis-elements are numbered 1-15, cis-elements shared by the promoters are shown in bold; elements that are exclusive in one of the promoters are shown in boxes, difference in nucleotide is underlined. 1) CAAT Box; 2) RAP2.2; 3) rbcS consensus sequence; 4) GT1 CONSENSUS; 5) conserved DNA module for light responsiveness; 6) CARGAT CONSENSUS; 7) ROOT MOTIF TAPOX1;8) TATA box; 9) ERE LEE4; 10) L-box of S. lycopersicum, part of a light responsive element; 11) GT1 GM SCAM4; 12) GT1CONSENSUS; 13) GC-motif; 14) CIACADIANLELHC; 15) INRNTPSADB; The 5' upstream sequence of CYC-B gene is submitted at NCBI [ShCYC-B and SlCYC-B promoter GenBank accession numbers are DQ858292 and EU825694, respectively]. The cis-elements are described in detail in Table 1.

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