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Figure 4

From: An R2R3 MYB transcription factor associated with regulation of the anthocyanin biosynthetic pathway in Rosaceae

Figure 4

Analysis of R2R3 DNA binding domains of anthocyanin-promoting MYBs. Alignment (A) of three consensus amino-acid sequences from 22 rosaceous MYB10s, 38 dicot anthocyanin-promoting MYBs, and the other 134 proteins included in Figure 3A. To obtain three consensus sequences, the sequences in each of three groups were aligned using AlignX (opening = 15, extension = 0.3) in Vector NTI 9.0, and residue fraction for consensus was set to 0.9 for the alignments of 22 rosaceous MYB10s and 38 dicot anthocyanin-promoting MYBs, and 0.3 for the alignment of the other 134 proteins. (B) Frequency of residues at position 90 to 93 of the R2R3 domain covering 168 MYB TFs of Arabidopsis, rosaceous species, and other dicot sequences.

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