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Figure 3

From: An R2R3 MYB transcription factor associated with regulation of the anthocyanin biosynthetic pathway in Rosaceae

Figure 3

Phylogenetic relationships between Arabidopsis MYB transcription factors and anthocyanin-related MYBs of rosaceous and other species. Rosaceous MYB10s cluster next to PAP1 (AtMYB75) and PAP2 (AtMYB90), within the anthocyanin MYB regulator subgroup (A). A Phylogeny of MYB10 from all the major rosaceous species and known anthocyanin MYB regulators from other species (B). Sequences were aligned using Clustal W (opening = 15, extension = 0.3) in Vector NTI 9.0. Phylogenetic and molecular evolutionary analysis was conducted using MEGA version 3.1 [80] [using minimum evolution phylogeny test and 1000 bootstrap replicates].

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