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Table 1 AtPum transcript expression based on available public database information.

From: The Puf family of RNA-binding proteins in plants: phylogeny, structural modeling, activity and subcellular localization

Gene Organ/tissue with highest expression Stimulus resulting in significant changes in transcript level
Pum 1 (At2g29200) Hypocotyl - xylem Nutrient - cesium
Pum 2 (At2g29190) Hypocotyl - xylem Heat, 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid
Pum 3 (At2g29140) Hypocotyl - xylem Nutrient - cesium
Pum 4 (At3g10360) Stamen - pollen Nematode (H. schachtii)
Pum 5 (At3g20250) Hypocotyl - xylem Light - extended night, Osmotic stress
Pum 6 (At4g25880) Hypocotyl - xylem A. tumefaciens - inoculated with cabbage leaf curl virus
Pum 7 (At1g78160) Flower - stamen Iron deficiency
Pum 8 (At1g22240) Endosperm - micropylar endosperm Exposure to unfiltered UV-B light
Pum 9 (At1g35730) Hypocotyl - xylem Drought
Pum 10 (At1g35750) Hypocotyl - xylem Exposure to unfiltered UV-B light
Pum 11 (At4g08840) Root - lateral root 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid
Pum 12 (At5g56510) Seed coat - chalazal seed coat A. tumefaciens, Nematode, Cycloheximide, Drought
Pum 13 (At5g43090) Vegetative shoot apex Salt stress
Pum 14 (At5g43110) Endosperm - micropylar endosperm Dark, Iron deficiency
Pum 15 (At4g08560) Endosperm - chalazal endosperm Nitrate deficiency, Sucrose
Pum 16 (At5g59280) Flower - pollen ABA
Pum 17 (At1g35850) Mature pollen grain Sucrose deficiency
Pum 18 (At5g60110) Endosperm - peripheral endosperm Brassinolide, H3BO3
Pum 19 (At5g60180) Young expanding leaf (Stage 4) Osmotic stress
Pum 20 (At1g21620) Young expanding leaf (Stage 4) Osmotic stress
Pum 21 (At5g09610) Senescing leaf (35 days old) Salt stress
Pum 22 (At1g01410) Root- stele Hypoxia
Pum 23 (At1g72320) Imbibed seed ABA
Pum 24 (At3g16810) Root - root tip Glucose
Pum 25 (At3g24270) Root - lateral root cap Drought
Pum 26 (At5g64490) Imbibed seed A. tumefaciens