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Table 1 Predicted genes in the L7rfo sequence. See also Figure 1

From: Sequence analysis of two alleles reveals that intra-and intergenic recombination played a role in the evolution of the radish fertility restorer (Rfo)

Name on Figure 1 Start/stop positions Homologue on Rfo sequence Closest Arabidopsis homologue Function of protein encoded by Arabidopsis homologue
L7rfog1 <1-3656 yes At1 g63770 Putative amino-peptidase
L7rfog2 11320-4352 yesa At1 g63740 Disease resistance
L7rfog3 16809-18107 yes At1 g63720 unknown
PPR-1 19640-21812b yes At1 g64100 unknown
L7rfog5 26247-27279 no At1 g35320 Innate immunity
PPR-2 36144-38325b yes At1 g64100 unknown
L7rfog7 >41492-40463 yes At1 g63680 UDP-N-acetylmuramoylalanyl-D-glutamate-2,6-diaminopimelate ligase
  1. aThe closest Arabidopsis homologue of the corresponding gene present on the Rfo sequence is At1g63730.
  2. bPPR-1 and PPR-2 predictions from GENESCAN were corrected after pairwise alignments with PPR-A, PPR-B and PPR-C.