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Table 1 Maize genes encoding SUN-domain proteins.

From: Structure and expression of the maize (Zea maysL.) SUN-domain protein gene family: evidence for the existence of two divergent classes of SUN proteins in plants

  Gene mRNA
Class Maize genea Locusb BACc cDNAd UniGenee
CCSD ZmSUN1 5 S, bin 5.04 AC217313 EU964563 Zm.94705
  ZmSUN2 3 S, bin 3.04 AC197221 BT055722 Zm.6043
PM3 ZmSUN3 3L, bin 3.06 AC195254 GRMZM2G122914_T01  
  ZmSUN4 8L, bin 8.06 AC188196 GU453173 Zm.17612
  ZmSUN5 8L, bin 8.05 AC194341 EU953247 Zm.31400
  1. aGene names assigned in this manuscript. Numerical designations (ZmSUN1-5) do not
  2. necessarily imply orthology with similarly named genes in other species.
  3. bChromosome number and arm (S, short; L, long), genetic bin as designated for the UMC 1998 linkage map [56].
  4. cGenBank accession numbers for B37 BACs that include the indicated SUN gene.
  5. dBest corresponding full-length cDNA or gene model from B73 RefGen_v1; ZmSUN4 is from maize line W23, all others from B73.
  6. eGenBank maize UniGene accession numbers.