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Table 2 Target genes for 14 sugarcane miRNA families

From: Identification and expression analysis of microRNAs and targets in the biofuel crop sugarcane

miRNA Target genea Putative function Conservationb
miR156 TC96571(1), TC76232(1), CF571975(1), CA188863(1), TC98485(1), TC95509(1), TC87521(1) Squamosa promoter binding protein (SBP) Yes
miR159 TC94752(4) Myb protein-like protein Yes
  CA229394(3), CA168176(3) Hypothetical protein No
miR167 CA232593(4), CA292372(4), CA201181(4), CA070734(4), TC109486(4), TC94174(4), TC82328(4), TC76219(4), TC74847(4) Auxin response factor Yes
miR168 TC85238(4), CA099906(4), TC85149(4), TC74893(4) ARGONAUTE1 (AGO1)-like protein Yes
miR169 TC106305(4), TC103899(4), TC100837(4) CCAAT-box transcription factor complex Yes
miR319 TC111376(2) TCP family transcription factor Yes
miR396 TC97707(3), TC91031(3) Growth-regulating factor Yes
miR408 CA133327(2), TC105472(2), TC82603(2) Basic blue copper protein-like protein Yes
miR827 CA186401(0) SPX domain-containing protein Yes
miR437 CA112342(0), CA093244(0) protein kinase-like protein No
miR444 CA269598(0) MIKC MADS-box transcription factor Yes
  CA208272 (2), CA282606 (2) Hypothetical protein No
  CA105902 (2), TC90577 (2) putative nicastrin No
miR528 TC90826(1), TC99902(1), CA213231(1) Cu2+-binding domain-containing protein Yes
miR1128 TC97663(2), CA146047(2) Hypothetical protein No
miR1432 CA115772(3) Calcium-transporting ATPase Yes
  1. aID of potential target sequences. Numbers in parentheses represent mismatches between the miRNA and its target sequence.
  2. bPresence or absence of rice homolog genes containing conserved miRNA recognition sites.