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Figure 4

From: Identification and expression analysis of microRNAs and targets in the biofuel crop sugarcane

Figure 4

Conserved elements in the MIR1432 locus of sugarcane, sorghum, and maize. eShadow plot shows the HMMI (Hidden Markov Model Islands) predictions (in beige) of potential evolutionary conserved regions along the SsMIR1432 locus compared with its sorghum and maize counterparts. Purple plot bars represent the conserved regions (sliding window size of 35 bp). Red bars in the plot indicate the sugarcane mature miR1432 (left) and miR1432* (right) positions. The arrow on the top of the plot represents the pre-miR1432 position. The x axis represents nucleotide length of the sequence while the y axis represents the percentage of nucleotide variation. Bars underneath the plot mark putative CpG/CpNpG islands present in the SsMIR1432 locus (light gray), SbMIR1432 locus (black), and ZmMIR1432 locus (dark gray). A putative auxin response element (AuxRE) is shown on the top of the plot as an example of a highly conserved TFB site among these three loci.

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