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Table 5 Significant sites identified with a structured association analysis

From: A candidate gene association study on muscat flavor in grapevine (Vitis viniferaL.)

Sites (bp) NC_012011 Markers Non-synonymous change P-value covariate (Q matrix) Bonferroni adjusted P-value Markers - Muscat flavor Bonferroni adjusted
3762921 SNP 1822 (G/T) K284N 2.11E-05 1.31E-10
3760568 SNP 4175 (T/G)   6.40E-09 4.45E-08
3760635 SNP 4108 (G/A) V560I 1.55E-13 1.79E-05
  1. SNPs are named and scored according to their position on VvDXS ORF of V. vinifera PN40024; sites are referenced to the nucleotide positions relative to locus NC_012011.
  2. Holm-Bonferroni threshold value of P = 0.05 set to 4.90E-04.