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Figure 7

From: Overexpression of a natural chloroplast-encoded antisense RNA in tobacco destabilizes 5S rRNA and retards plant growth

Figure 7

Polysome analysis of WT and AS5ox samples as described in Methods. Radiolabeled probes used for rrn5, rbcL and psbA detection were dsDNA, while an RNA probe was used for AS5 detection. Estimated band sizes for AS5 are shown to the left. The ethidium bromide-stained gel represents equal proportional loading of the 12 gradient fractions. EDTA and puromycin controls (not shown) were used to determine the free ribosomal fractions (< 80S, lanes 1-6) and polysomal fractions (lanes 7-12). The percent of total RNA from polysomal and non-polysomal fractions are shown below the respective blots, as determined from averaging four (WT) or eight (AS5ox-1 and -2) experiments ± the standard error.

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