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Figure 4

From: Overexpression of a natural chloroplast-encoded antisense RNA in tobacco destabilizes 5S rRNA and retards plant growth

Figure 4

Analysis of rrn operon transcripts in transplastomic and WT plants. (A) Structure of the rrn operon in AS5ox lines, with the endogenous and inserted promoters (bent arrows). Locations of probes used in (B) are shown beneath, with solid lines representing dsDNA probes and arrows representing RNA probes. (B) 1.2% agarose gel blot analysis, with 1 μg of total RNA from WT, AS5ox-1 (1) and AS5ox-2 (2). The probes used are indicated at the top of the blots, and estimated band sizes at the left. Two exposures are shown for the aadA gene, to emphasize the relative abundance of the monocistronic band. The ethidium bromide-stained 28S rRNA is shown underneath the blots to reflect loading.

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