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Table 4 Chlorotypes detected on eight cultivars.

From: Identification of new polymorphic regions and differentiation of cultivated olives (Olea europaea L.) through plastome sequence comparison

Repository of samples/Collection number CRA-OLI/92 CRA-OLI1/32 WOGB2/12, 691 WOGB/128 WOGB/5, 787 WOGB/114
Polymorphic sites Chloroptype 1
Chloroptype 2
Chloroptype 3
(Farga, Kalogerida)
Chloroptype 4
Chloroptype 5
(Lechin Sevilla, Sorani)
Chloroptype 6
P1 G A A G A A
P2 T A T T T A
P3 T C T T C C
P4 T12 T11 T10 T12 T11 T11
P5 T11 T12 T12 T11 T12 T12
P6 T12 T11 T12 T12 T11 T11
P7 A A C A A A
P8 T11 T10 T11 T11 T10 T10
P9 T C C T C C
P10 A / A A T /
P12 - A4(G)A5 A4(G)A5 - A4(G)A5 A4(G)A5
P13 A12 A14 A11 A12 A14 A14
P14 T G T T G G
P15 A15 A16 A16 A15 A16 A16
P16 C10 C11 C11 C11 C10 C10
P17 T11 T10 T10 T11 T10 T10
P18 A12 A12 A13 A12 A12 A12
P19 C T C C T T
P20 A13 A13 A12 A13 A13 A13
P21 C C T C T C
P22 A10 A10 A11 A10 A10 A10
P23 C C T C C C
P24 A A G A A A
P25 A12 A12 A11 A12 A12 A12
P26 C C C C T C
P27 A G G A G G
P28 A6 A7 A6 A6 A7 A7
P29 C T C C C T
P30 T G G G G G
P31 T18 T11 T18 T17 T11 T11
P33 T G G G T T
P34 T A T T A A
P35 A G G A G G
P36 T10 T9 T9 T10 T9 T9
P37 A14 A7(T)A5 A7(T)A5 A14 A7(T)A5 A7(T)A5
P38 C A A C A A
P39 A A C A A A
P40 G G T G G G
  1. The position of the polymorphic regions refers to the cv. Frantoio sequence.