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Table 3 Levels of cytosine methylation at the CCGG sites of F4 and F10 of allopolyploid of Raphanobrassica

From: Instability of chromosome number and DNA methylation variation induced by hybridization and amphidiploid formation between Raphanus sativus L. and Brassica alboglabraBailey

    Methylated sites (number and frequency)
Generations Total sites Non-methylated sites (number and frequency) total hemi-methylation of the external Cs full-methylation of the external Cs
F4 432 306 (70.83%) 126 (29.17%) 87 (20.14%) 39 (9.03%)
F10 414 283 (68.36%) 131 (31.64%) 83 (20.05%) 48 (11.59%)
  1. Methylated and non-methylated sites (number and frequency in the F4 and F10 generations) were calculated according to the clear and reproducible bands of MSAP.