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Table 1 Best BLASTX hits of isolated CSRGAs with respect to RGAs from other plant speciesa.

From: Identification and characterization of potential NBS-encoding resistance genes and induction kinetics of a putative candidate gene associated with downy mildew resistance in Cucumis

Name Accession number Plant Identity % Similarity % e- value
CSRGA17 AAQ73295 Malus × domestica 49 73 6e-36
CSRGA25 ABH06472 Prunus avium 52 71 1e-38
CSRGA23 AAU04762 Cucumis melo 87 95 7e-77
CSRGA20 ABK96821 Cucurbita moschata 83 93 2e-65
  1. a The region between the P-loop and GLPLA motifs (~170aa) of each cucumber RGA was used as a query in BLASTX searches.