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Figure 5

From: Medicago truncatula contains a second gene encoding a plastid located glutamine synthetase exclusively expressed in developing seeds

Figure 5

Semi-quantitative RT-PCR analysis of GS2 transcripts during seed development, seed imbibition and in major seed tissues. Total RNA was extracted from 3 DAP seeds (1), 6 DAP (2), 10 DAP (3), 14 DAP (4), 20 DAP (5), 24 DAP (6) and 36 DAP (7), dry seeds (after-ripenning) (8), dry seeds 1,5 h after imbibition (9) and dry seeds 24 h after imbibition (10), seed coat (11), endosperm (12) and whole embryo (13). 50 ng of cDNA was used in each assay. Transcript levels for MtGS2a, MtGS2b-α, MtGS2b-β and the elongation factor 1-a (elf1-α), as internal reference gene are shown. Values correspond to quantified band intensities of each GS2 transcript relative to the housekeeping gene elf1-α.

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