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Table 7 stress treatments of transgenic tobaccos directed by construct S1, S3, B1S3

From: Identification and functional characterisation of the promoter of the calcium sensor gene CBL1 from the xerophyte Ammopiptanthus mongolicus

Stress Time Deletion analysis
   PBI-35S-GUS S1 S3 B1S3
Drought(water deficiency) 0,1,2 week
Cold(4°C) 0,12,24,48 h
ABA(200 μmol/) 0,4,8,12 h
GA(200 μmol/) 0,4,8,12 h
SA(200 μmol/) 0,4,8,12 h
Nacl(200 μmol/L) 0,4,8,12 h
Cacl2(200 μmol/) 0,4,8,12 h
Wound 0,4,8,12 h