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Table 2 Summary of comparative information between the tetraploid cultivated peanut (AABB) map and the AA dipoid wild peanut map (Moretzsohn et al. 2005)

From: A SSR-based composite genetic linkage map for the cultivated peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) genome

Common marker AA map Y13Zh Y13Fu Y13JII Composite map
TC9B08 Group 1 Lg2    LG2
TC3H02 Group 1 Lg5 Lg13   LG5
TC2D06 Group 1 Lg8 Lg8   LG8
TC4G05 Group 1 Lg8 Lg8   LG8
RN0 × 615 Group 2 Lg3 Lg3   LG3
RI1F06 Group 2 Lg3 Lg3   LG3
PM32 Group 2 Lg3 Lg3   LG3
TC4A02 Group 2 Lg7    LG7
TC11A02 Group 2 Lg7 Lg7   LG7
TC1G04 Group 2 Lg10 Lg10   LG10
TC4F12 Group 2 Lg11 Lg11   LG11
TC1E06 Group 3 Lg4    LG4
TC2A02 Group 3 Lg4 Lg12   LG4
TC3E02 Group 3 Lg4 Lg12   LG4
PM3 Group 3 Lg4 Lg4 Lg4 LG4
PM238 Group 3 Lg4    LG4
TC4E10 Group 3    Lg4 LG4
TC11E04 Group 3    Lg13 LG22
Gi-832 Group 4 Lg1    LG1
RN9C02 Group 4 Lg1    LG1
Ah-569 Group 4 Lg1    LG1
Ah-408 Group 4 Lg1    LG1
TC6E01 Group 5 Lg12 Lg5 Lg5 LG5
AH4-26 Group 5   Lg5   LG5
PM35 Group 5 Lg6   Lg6 LG6
TC1D02 Group 5 Lg14 Lg14   LG14
TC7H02 Group 5 Lg15    LG15
PM36 Group 5 Lg19 Lg19 Lg10 LG19
TC3H07 Group 6 Lg5 Lg21   LG5
AC2H11 Group 6 Lg5 Lg21   LG5
TC11A04 Group 6 Lg6    LG6
TC1A02 Group 6 Lg6    LG6
TC7C06 Group 6 Lg6    LG6
TC1A08 Group 6 Lg15 Lg15   LG15
TC5A06 Group 6 Lg18   Lg9 LG18
TC4G10 Group 7 Lg9 Lg9   LG9
TC9H08 Group 7 Lg17 Lg17 Lg3 LG17
PM204 Group 7   Lg17 Lg3 LG17
Gi-716 Group 8 Lg2 Lg2 Lg1 LG2
TC1E05 Group 8 Lg2    LG2
TC6H03 Group 8 Lg2 Lg2   LG2
TC9F10 Group 8 Lg2 Lg2   LG2
TC9F04 Group 8 Lg3 Lg3   LG3
PM188 Group 8 Lg16 Lg16   LG16
TC3B04 Group 11 Lg2 Lg2 Lg2 LG2
TC7A02 Group 11 Lg2 Lg2   LG2
TC3B05 Group 11 Lg2    LG2