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Table 4 Trait ontology terms accepted by TO consortium

From: RoBuST: an integrated genomics resource for the root and bulb crop families Apiaceae and Alliaceae

TO ID Trait Ontology Term
TO:0002694 Flavor trait
TO:0002695 Beta-carotene content
TO:0002696 Alpha carotene content
TO:0002697 Cyclic carotene content
TO:0002698 Acyclic carotene content
TO:0002699 Lycopene content
TO:0002700 Pungency
TO:0002701 Lutein content
TO:0002702 Cercospora leaf spot resistance
TO:0002703 Protist disease resistance
TO:0002704 Meloidogyne incognita resistance
TO:0002706 Meloidogyne javanica resistance
TO:0002707 Petiole color
TO:0002708 Xylem color
TO:0002709 Phloem color
TO:0002710 Root shape
TO:0002711 Total water soluble content
  1. Trait ontology terms added for Alliaceae and Apiaceae are listed.