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Figure 6

From: RNA-Seq Atlas of Glycine max: A guide to the soybean transcriptome

Figure 6

Boxplot Dendrogram of preferential expressed genes in seed development. Combination plot of the hierarchical clustering of the genes preferentially expressed in seed stages of development and the RPKM normalized log2-transformed expression profiles for the genes in specified subclades represented as a boxplots of each tissue. Boxes contain the number of genes with the GOslim molecular function of nutrient reservoir activity. Circles contain the number of genes with the GOslim molecular function of lipoxygenase activity. Arrows indicate which subclade the specified genes belong. (a) Overview of the clade structure that resulted from the hierarchical clustering analysis is shown. Numbers in parenthesis next to subclades indicates the number of genes represented in the subclade. (b, c, d) Enlarged boxplots of subclades that represent the three main clades defined in the overview as clade 1, clade 2-1 and clade 2-2 are shown. Aerial (leaf, flower, pod, pod-shell 10-DAF and pod-shell 14-DAF), seed (seed 10-DAF, seed 14-DAF, seed 21-DAF, seed 25-DAF, seed 28-DAF, seed 35-DAF, and seed 42-DAF) and underground tissues (root and nodule) are represented in color for each boxplot as blue, green and red respectively.

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