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Table 2 miRNAs in the phloem.

From: Characterisation of microRNAs from apple (Malus domestica'Royal Gala') vascular tissue and phloem sap

  Detected in Ratio
miRNA apple
phloem sap of herbaceous species Cucurbit
phloem sap/VS
miR156 Brassica[37], cucurbits[34] 19.3
miR159 Brassica[37], cucurbits[34] 1.0
miR160 Brassic[37] 4.9
miR162 Brassica[37] 3.0
miR164 n.d. Brassica[37] 1.3
miR166 n.d.* Brassica[37], legumes[35] 34.3
miR167 Brassica[37], cucurbits[34] 18.3
miR168 n.d. Brassica[37] 16.7
miR169 Brassica[37] 24.3
miR171 n.d. n.d. Brassica[37] 0.2
miR172 Brassica[37], cucurbits[34] 3.2
miR390 Brassica[37] 56.6
miR393   1.0
miR394 n.d.   0.3
miR396   0.9
miR397 n.d. n.d. n.d.*   7.3
miR398   11.6
miR403 n.d.   0.4
miR408 n.d. Brassica[37] 7.4
miR475 n.d. n.d. n.d.   n.d.
miR476 n.d. n.d. n.d.   n.d.
  1. n.d., not detected; n.d.*, no clear amplification product present