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Table 1 miRNAs and their predicted targets.

From: Characterisation of microRNAs from apple (Malus domestica'Royal Gala') vascular tissue and phloem sap

  Conservation status  
miRNA family Arabidopsis Oryza
Predicted target gene(s)
miR156 Squamosa promoter-binding proteins[57]
miR159/319 GAMYB transcription factors[57]
miR160 Auxin response factors (ARF) [57]
miR162 DICER-LIKE 1 (DCL1) [57]
miR164 NAC domain transcription factors[57]
miR156/166 HD-ZIP transcription factors[57]
miR167 Auxin response factors (ARF) [57]
miR168 ARGONAUTE 1 (AGO1) [57]
miR169 HAP2-like transcription factors[57]
miR171 Scarecrow-like transcription factors[57]
miR172 APETALA 2 transcription factors[58]
miR390 TAS3[59]
miR393 F-box transcription factors (TIR1) [60]
miR394 F-box transcription factors[60]
miR396 GRF, rhodenase[60]
miR397 laccase[60]
miR398 Copper superoxid dismutase, CytC oxidase[60]
miR403 ARGONAUTE 2 (AGO2)[20]
miR408   Peptide chain release factor, laccase[20]
miR475    PPR proteins[8]
miR476    PPR proteins[8]