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Table 1 List of Arabidopsis accessions selected for this study

From: A SNP associated with alternative splicing of RPT5b causes unequal redundancy between RPT5a and RPT5b among Arabidopsis thaliananatural variation

Name VNAT reference number Country of origin
Ws-4 530AV Belarus
Da-0 126AV Germany
Bu-0 182AV Germany
Bu-11 464AV Germany
Wu-0 246AV Germany
Ld-3 212AV Unknown
Cal-0 184AV United Kingdom
Akita 252AV Japan
Bsch-0 125AV Germany
Nie-0 139AV Germany
M7884S 227AV Unknown
Sn(5)1 237AV Czechoslovakia
Uk-4 522AV Germany
Col-0 186AV Poland
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