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Table 1 Mutant alleles used in the study with the description of corresponding genes and mutant phenotypes

From: Brassinosteroid-mediated stress tolerance in Arabidopsis shows interactions with abscisic acid, ethylene and salicylic acid pathways

Category Locus (AGI) Gene Description Mutant allele
SA synthesis
AT4G39030 EDS5 member of the MATE-transporter family;
mutants do not accumulate SA after pathogen inoculation and are hypersusceptible to pathogen infection.
eds5-1 [73, 74]
SA-insensitive AT1G64280 NPR1 similar to the transcription factor inhibitor I kappa B, and contains ankyrin repeats;
key regulator of SA-mediated systemic acquired
resistance (SAR) pathway;
mutants are SA-insensitive and hypersusceptible
to pathogen infection.
npr1-1 [43, 75, 76]
High SA levels AT5G64930 CPR5 regulator of expression of pathogenesis-related (PR) genes;
participates in signal transduction pathways involved in plant defense;
mutants exhibit increased SA levels and constitutive expression of PR genes.
cpr5-2 [63]
ET-insensitive AT5G03280 EIN2 NRAMP metal transporter family; involved in ET signal transduction;
mutants are ET-insensitive.
ein2 [77]
High ET levels AT3G51770 ETO1 encodes a negative regulator of 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid synthase5(ACS5), which catalyzes the rate-limiting step in ET biosynthesis;
mutations elevate ET biosynthesis by affecting the posttranscriptional regulation of ACS.
eto1-1 [77]
JA-deficient AT5G42650 AOS encodes a member of the cytochrome p450 CYP74 gene family that functions as an allene oxide synthase;
catalyzes dehydration of the hydroperoxide to an unstable allene oxide in the JA biosynthetic pathway;
mutants are JA-deficient.
aos [78]
JA-insensitive AT2G46370 JAR1 encodes cytoplasmic localized phytochrome A signaling component protein similar to the GH3 family of proteins;
loss of function mutants are defective in a variety of responses to JA.
jar1-1 [79]
ABA-deficient AT5G67030 ABA1 encodes zeaxanthin epoxidase gene that functions in first step of ABA biosynthesis;
mutants are ABA-deficient.
aba1-1 [80]
ABA-insensitive AT4G26080 ABI1 Protein phosphatase 2C; involved in ABA signal transduction;
mutants are ABA-insensitive.
abi1-1 [81]