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Table 1 NAC gene family in Populus.

From: Comprehensive Analysis of NAC Domain Transcription Factor Gene Family in Populus trichocarpa

Gene symbol Gene locus Arabidopsisortholog locus Arabidopsislocus description Score E-value
PNAC001 POPTR_0009s05700.1 AT1G01720.1 ANAC002, ATAF1 179 3e-045
PNAC002 POPTR_0018s10310.1 AT1G01720.1 ANAC002, ATAF1 187 8e-048
PNAC003 POPTR_0017s09630.1 AT3G04070.2 ANAC002, ATAF1 146 2e-048
PNAC004 POPTR_0005s20240.1 AT1G01720.1 ANAC002, ATAF1 392 1e-109
PNAC005 POPTR_0005s07060.1 AT1G01720.1 ANAC002, ATAF1 357 5e-099
PNAC006 POPTR_0002s08150.1 AT1G01720.1 ANAC002, ATAF1 416 1e-117
PNAC007 POPTR_0007s04780.1 AT1G01720.1 ANAC002, ATAF1 366 1e-101
PNAC008 POPTR_0015s14770.1 AT1G12260.1 ANAC007, VND4 374 1e-104
PNAC009 POPTR_0003s11250.1 AT1G12260.1 ANAC007, VND4 436 1e-122
PNAC010 POPTR_0012s14660.1 AT1G12260.1 ANAC007, VND4 340 7e-094
PNAC011 POPTR_0001s00220.1 AT1G12260.1 ANAC007, VND4 449 1e-127
PNAC012 POPTR_0010s13980.1 AT1G25580.1 ANAC008 476 1e-134
PNAC013 POPTR_0008s11550.1 AT1G25580.1 ANAC008 509 1e-144
PNAC014 POPTR_0017s11830.1 AT1G26870.1 ANAC009 299 2e-081
PNAC015 POPTR_0004s12850.1 AT1G26870.1 ANAC009 310 2e-084
PNAC016 POPTR_0004s12850.1 AT1G26870.1 ANAC009 100 9e-022
PNAC017 POPTR_0001s45250.1 AT1G32770.1 ANAC012, SND1, NST3 294 6e-080
PNAC018 POPTR_0011s15230.1 AT1G33060.1 ANAC014 420 1e-117
PNAC019 POPTR_0011s15230.1 AT1G33060.2 ANAC014 431 1e-121
PNAC020 POPTR_0014s07220.1 AT1G33060.2 ANAC014 103 3e-022
PNAC021 POPTR_0002s15550.1 AT1G33060.1 ANAC014 135 9e-032
PNAC022 POPTR_0014s07220.1 AT1G33060.1 ANAC014 109 4e-024
PNAC023 POPTR_0002s15530.1 AT1G33060.2 ANAC014 154 1e-037
PNAC024 POPTR_0012s06340.1 AT1G34190.1 ANAC017 117 2e-027
PNAC025 POPTR_0043s00220.1 AT1G34190.1 ANAC017 140 2e-034
PNAC026 POPTR_0013s10770.1 AT1G34190.1 ANAC017 140 2e-034
PNAC027 POPTR_0043s00220.1 AT1G34190.1 ANAC017 180 4e-046
PNAC028 POPTR_0005s22180.1 AT1G34190.1 ANAC017 441 1e-124
PNAC029 POPTR_0002s06210.1 AT1G34190.1 ANAC017 432 1e-121
PNAC030 POPTR_0014s07210.1 AT4G35580.2 ANAC018, NAM 157 4e-039
PNAC031 POPTR_0014s10350.1 AT4G35580.2 ANAC018, NAM 180 9e-046
PNAC032 POPTR_0014s10350.1 AT4G35580.2 ANAC018, NAM 181 5e-046
PNAC033 POPTR_0002s18310.1 AT4G35580.2 ANAC018, NAM 184 3e-047
PNAC034 POPTR_0002s18320.1 AT4G35580.2 ANAC018, NAM 144 2e-034
PNAC035 POPTR_0002s17700.1 AT4G35580.2 ANAC018, NAM 130 2e-030
PNAC036 POPTR_0002s15560.1 AT4G35580.2 ANAC018, NAM 171 4e-093
PNAC037 POPTR_0014s10320.1 AT4G35580.2 ANAC018, NAM 138 8e-033
PNAC038 POPTR_0014s10320.1 AT4G35580.2 ANAC018, NAM 129 9e-031
PNAC039 POPTR_0010s18180.1 AT1G54330.1 ANAC020 290 9e-079
PNAC040 POPTR_0008s08100.1 AT1G54330.1 ANAC020 316 1e-086
PNAC041 POPTR_0005s10100.1 AT1G56010.2 ANAC021/22, AtNAC1 323 7e-089
PNAC042 POPTR_0007s08420.1 POPTR_0007s08430.1 AT1G56010.2 ANAC021/22, AtNAC1 337 5e-093
PNAC043 POPTR_0004s04920.1 AT1G61110.1 ANAC025 232 3e-061
PNAC044 POPTR_0016s05580.1 AT1G61110.1 ANAC025 137 2e-032
PNAC045 POPTR_0016s08970.1 AT1G61110.1 ANAC025 205 2e-053
PNAC046 POPTR_0006s13140.1 AT1G61110.1 ANAC025 247 7e-066
PNAC047 POPTR_0011s04650.1 AT1G61110.1 ANAC025 339 1e-093
PNAC048 POPTR_0004s03820.1 AT1G61110.1 ANAC025 332 3e-091
PNAC049 POPTR_0017s02020.1 AT1G65910.1 ANAC028 464 1e-130
PNAC050 POPTR_0004s07910.1 AT1G65910.1 ANAC028 465 1e-131
PNAC051 POPTR_0011s12190.1 AT1G65910.1 ANAC028 68 1e-011
PNAC052 POPTR_0014s04080.1 AT1G65910.1 ANAC028 73 1e-013
PNAC053 POPTR_0010s17350.1 AT1G69490.1 ANAC029, ATNAP, NAP 305 2e-083
PNAC054 POPTR_0003s10250.1 AT1G69490.1 ANAC029, ATNAP, NAP 119 3e-027
PNAC055 POPTR_0014s02580.1 AT1G69490.1 ANAC029, ATNAP, NAP 89 4e-018
PNAC056 POPTR_0019s11330.1 AT1G71930.1 ANAC030, VND7 249 9e-067
PNAC057 POPTR_0015s00520.1 AT1G71930.1 ANAC030, VND7 71 1e-012
PNAC058 POPTR_0013s11740.1 AT1G71930.1 ANAC030, VND7 305 2e-083
PNAC059 POPTR_0005s27720.1 AT1G76420.1 ANAC031, CUC3 282 2e-076
PNAC060 POPTR_0002s00730.1 AT1G76420.1 ANAC031, CUC3 319 2e-087
PNAC061 POPTR_0001s22770.1 AT1G77450.1 ANAC032 65 8e-011
PNAC062 POPTR_0008s07950.1 AT1G79580.3 ANAC033 333 1e-091
PNAC063 POPTR_0010s18420.1 AT1G79580.3 ANAC033 344 5e-095
PNAC064 POPTR_0019s09130.1 AT1G79580.3 ANAC033 56 2e-008
PNAC065 POPTR_0003s03670.1 AT2G02450.2 ANAC034, ANAC035 318 2e-087
PNAC066 POPTR_0004s23970.1 AT2G02450.2 ANAC034, ANAC035 310 1e-084
PNAC067 POPTR_0005s10610.1 AT2G17040.1 ANAC036 249 1e-066
PNAC068 POPTR_0004s18860.1 AT2G17040.1 ANAC036 321 4e-088
PNAC069 POPTR_0009s14370.1 AT2G17040.1 ANAC036 315 2e-086
PNAC070 POPTR_0007s13910.1 AT2G18060.1 ANAC037, VND1 428 1e-120
PNAC071 POPTR_0007s13910.1 AT2G18060.1 ANAC037, VND1 432 1e-121
PNAC072 POPTR_0006s29180.1 AT2G24430.2 ANAC038, ANAC039 348 3e-096
PNAC073 POPTR_0018s03910.1 AT2G24430.2 ANAC038, ANAC039 289 2e-078
PNAC074 POPTR_0016s02780.1 AT2G24430.2 ANAC038, ANAC039 65 4e-011
PNAC075 POPTR_0097s00280.1 AT2G24430.2 ANAC038, ANAC039 65 7e-011
PNAC076 POPTR_0009s16290.1 AT2G27300.1 ANAC040, NTL8 272 2e-073
PNAC077 POPTR_0015s00940.1 AT2G33480.1 ANAC041 100 9e-022
PNAC078 POPTR_0017s06000.1 AT2G33480.1 ANAC041 89 3e-018
PNAC079 POPTR_0009s07640.1 AT2G33480.1 ANAC041 59 3e-009
PNAC080 POPTR_0001s11660.1 AT2G43000.1 ANAC042 245 2e-065
PNAC081 POPTR_0005s22710.1 AT2G43000.1 ANAC042 268 2e-072
PNAC082 POPTR_0003s14950.1 AT2G43000.1 ANAC042 245 3e-065
PNAC083 POPTR_0002s05820.1 AT2G43000.1 ANAC042 296 7e-081
PNAC084 POPTR_0014s10060.1 AT2G46770.1 ANAC043, NST1 381 1e-106
PNAC085 POPTR_0002s17950.1 AT2G46770.1 ANAC043, NST1 370 1e-103
PNAC086 POPTR_0011s15640.1 AT2G46770.1 ANAC043, NST1 298 6e-081
PNAC087 POPTR_0001s35490.1 AT3G01600.1 ANAC044 259 2e-069
PNAC088 POPTR_0019s13130.1 AT3G03200.1 ANAC045 87 3e-018
PNAC089 POPTR_0001s26380.1 AT3G04070.2 ANAC047 189 3e-048
PNAC090 POPTR_0013s05080.1 AT3G04070.1 ANAC047 338 4e-093
PNAC091 POPTR_0019s04690.1 AT3G04070.1 ANAC047 332 2e-091
PNAC092 POPTR_0017s05970.1 AT3G04070.2 ANAC047 87 8e-018
PNAC093 POPTR_0006s04990.1 AT3G04070.2 ANAC047 122 3e-028
PNAC094 POPTR_0010s23630.1 AT3G10480.1 ANAC050 418 1e-117
PNAC095 POPTR_0006s02930.1 AT3G10480.2 ANAC050 75 5e-014
PNAC096 POPTR_0097s00260.1 AT3G10480.2 ANAC050 70 1e-012
PNAC097 POPTR_0302s00220.1 AT3G10480.2 ANAC050 74 2e-013
PNAC098 POPTR_0013s07720.1 AT3G10480.2 ANAC050 64 6e-011
PNAC099 POPTR_0006s02910.1 AT3G10480.2 ANAC050 74 2e-013
PNAC100 POPTR_0011s12420.1 AT3G15510.1 ANAC056, AtNAC2 322 2e-088
PNAC101 POPTR_0001s41490.1 AT3G15510.1 ANAC056, AtNAC2 345 4e-095
PNAC102 POPTR_0011s05760.1 AT3G15510.1 ANAC056, AtNAC2 221 1e-058
PNAC103 POPTR_0015s05450.1 AT3G17730.1 ANAC057 372 1e-103
PNAC104 POPTR_0012s03510.1 AT3G17730.1 ANAC057 350 4e-097
PNAC105 POPTR_0015s03700.1 AT3G18400.1 ANAC058 325 3e-089
PNAC106 POPTR_0012s05280.1 AT3G18400.1 ANAC058 315 4e-086
PNAC107 POPTR_0009s02430.1 AT3G44350.2 ANAC061 256 8e-069
PNAC108 POPTR_0001s22630.1 AT3G44350.2 ANAC061 277 5e-075
PNAC109 POPTR_0006s19350.1 AT3G44350.1 ANAC061 81 8e-016
PNAC110 POPTR_0015s00640.1 AT3G49530.1 ANAC062 307 9e-084
PNAC111 POPTR_0012s00760.1 AT3G49530.1 ANAC062 306 2e-083
PNAC112 POPTR_0013s09280.1 AT4G10350.1 ANAC070 436 1e-123
PNAC113 POPTR_0019s09400.1 AT4G10350.1 ANAC070 451 1e-127
PNAC114 POPTR_0003s08830.1 AT4G17980.1 ANAC071 296 1e-080
PNAC115 POPTR_0001s02710.1 AT4G17980.1 ANAC071 296 1e-080
PNAC116 POPTR_0019s13140.1 AT4G17980.1 ANAC071 89 5e-018
PNAC117 POPTR_0009s05690.1 AT4G27410.2 ANAC072, RD26 189 5e-048
PNAC118 POPTR_0011s12400.1 AT4G27410.2 ANAC072, RD26 353 9e-098
PNAC119 POPTR_0007s02050.1 AT4G27410.2 ANAC072, RD26 87 1e-017
PNAC120 POPTR_0001s41460.1 AT4G27410.2 ANAC072, RD26 375 1e-104
PNAC121 POPTR_0017s04800.1 AT4G28500.1 ANAC073 344 4e-095
PNAC122 POPTR_0007s01350.1 AT4G28500.1 ANAC073 337 6e-093
PNAC123 POPTR_0011s05740.1 AT4G28500.1 ANAC073 345 2e-095
PNAC124 POPTR_0004s04900.1 AT4G28500.1 ANAC073 355 2e-098
PNAC125 POPTR_0005s24750.1 AT4G28530.1 ANAC074 271 4e-073
PNAC126 POPTR_0002s03830.1 AT4G28530.1 ANAC074 276 7e-075
PNAC127 POPTR_0006s15740.1 AT4G29230.1 ANAC075 511 1e-145
PNAC128 POPTR_0006s15740.1 AT4G29230.1 ANAC075 486 1e-137
PNAC129 POPTR_0010s23650.1 AT5G04410.1 ANAC078, NAC2 483 1e-136
PNAC130 POPTR_0008s03170.1 AT5G04410.1 ANAC078, NAC2 499 1e-141
PNAC131 POPTR_0007s03840.1 AT5G09330.3 ANAC082 265 4e-071
PNAC132 POPTR_0005s06040.1 AT5G09330.3 ANAC082 256 2e-068
PNAC133 POPTR_0015s11420.1 AT5G13180.1 ANAC083 238 2e-063
PNAC134 POPTR_0001s33260.1 AT5G13180.1 ANAC083 162 1e-040
PNAC135 POPTR_0017s09030.1 AT5G13180.1 ANAC083 151 3e-037
PNAC136 POPTR_0003s16490.1 AT5G13180.1 ANAC083 310 4e-085
PNAC137 POPTR_0001s13380.1 AT5G13180.1 ANAC083 309 1e-084
PNAC138 POPTR_0012s10530.1 AT5G13180.1 ANAC083 228 3e-060
PNAC139 POPTR_0004s11840.1 AT5G17260.1 ANAC086 89 7e-019
PNAC140 POPTR_0012s03100.1 AT5G17260.1 ANAC086 87 4e-018
PNAC141 POPTR_0012s03130.1 AT5G17260.1 ANAC086 95 1e-020
PNAC142 POPTR_0014s10370.1 AT5G17260.1 ANAC086 139 2e-033
PNAC143 POPTR_0012s03120.1 AT5G17260.1 ANAC086 68 6e-019
PNAC144 POPTR_0019s04710.1 AT5G18270.2 ANAC087 267 1e-071
PNAC145 POPTR_0013s05110.1 AT5G18270.2 ANAC087 248 6e-066
PNAC146 POPTR_0016s07680.1 AT5G22380.1 ANAC090 218 3e-057
PNAC147 POPTR_0016s07690.1 AT5G22380.1 ANAC090 213 7e-056
PNAC148 POPTR_0006s22580.1 AT5G22380.1 ANAC090 242 2e-064
PNAC149 POPTR_0097s00210.1 AT5G24590.2 ANAC091, TIP 56 3e-008
PNAC150 POPTR_0017s08490.1 AT5G39820.1 ANAC094 50 3e-006
PNAC151 POPTR_0011s11600.1 AT5G53950.1 ANAC098, CUC2 311 3e-085
PNAC152 POPTR_0001s40680.1 AT5G53950.1 ANAC098, CUC2 300 1e-081
PNAC153 POPTR_0017s12210.1 AT5G61430.1 ANAC100, ATNAC5 377 1e-105
PNAC154 POPTR_0015s02170.1 AT5G61430.1 ANAC100, ATNAC5 446 1e-125
PNAC155 POPTR_0012s01610.1 AT5G61430.1 ANAC100, ATNAC5 448 1e-126
PNAC156 POPTR_0006s24740.1 AT5G62380.1 ANAC101, VND6 61 1e-009
PNAC157 POPTR_0004s10720.1 AT5G62380.1 ANAC101, VND6 74 9e-014
PNAC158 POPTR_0005s08440.1 AT5G62380.1 ANAC101, VND6 74 2e-013
PNAC159 POPTR_0014s16160.1 AT5G62380.1 ANAC101, VND6 59 6e-009
PNAC160 POPTR_0007s04250.1 AT5G64530.1 ANAC104, XND1 185 2e-047
PNAC161 POPTR_0003s01720.1 AT5G64530.1 ANAC104, XND1 231 2e-061
PNAC162 POPTR_0001s21440.1 AT5G64530.1 ANAC104, XND1 215 1e-056
PNAC163 POPTR_0005s06510.1 AT5G64530.1 ANAC104, XND1 199 1e-051
  1. Gene loci are from the Phytozome website, release 2.0). A complete list of the coding sequences (CDS), deduced amino acid sequences and genomic DNA sequences is available in Additional file 1.