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Table 1 Identification of chitinases from the activity bands.

From: Differential expression of maize chitinases in the presence or absence of Trichoderma harzianum strain T22 and indications of a novel exo- endo-heterodimeric chitinase activity

Plant treatment Tissue Protein treatment Band Identity % Confidence
Control Shoot 55°C 1 Exo2; chiIVA 96; 99
    2 No chitinase identified  
    3 No chitinase identified  
    4 chiIVB 99
    5 ChiI67336 99
Trichoderma Shoot 55°C 1 Exo2; ChiIII9675 96; 96
    2 No chitinase identified  
    3 chiI11654 99
    4 No chitinase identified  
    5 ChiI67336 99
Control Roots 55°C 6 Exo2; ChiIII9615 96; 98
    8 No chitinase identified  
Trichoderma Roots 55°C 6 Exo2 90
    8 No chitinase identified  
Control Roots Boiling 7 chiIII9615 97
Trichoderma Roots Boiling 7 chiIII9615 99
  1. Bands harboring chitinase activity were cut from gels and sent for identification by LC/MS/MS. The plant treatment and the tissues from which the proteins were extracted are listed. The proteins were either heated to 55°C or boiled before loading on gel. The numbers of the bands match the activity bands marked in Figure 1. The chitinases identified and the level of confidence is listed (when two proteins identified their % of confidence is listed respectively). The amino acid sequences, binding domains and other information for each of the proteins is described (Shoresh and Harman, 2008a).