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Table 1 Arabidopsis ESTs aligned onto the TAIR9 genome sequence.

From: Prevalence of alternative splicing choices in Arabidopsis thaliana

Data Set No. ESTs
A. thaliana ESTs from dbEST 1,527,298
ESTs that map to one location in the genome 1,243,950
ESTs that exhibit splicing 479,896
  1. ESTs were downloaded from dbEST and aligned onto the Arabidopsis genome using blat. ESTs that aligned with at least 95% identity and 90% coverage and aligned exactly once under these quality criteria were kept. Next, ESTs with alignments that showed evidence of splicing were used to create the intronEST data set, which was then used to examine EST support for splicing choices proposed as part of the Arabidopsis TAIR9 gene models.